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1 The Effects of Agricultural Plastic Waste
on the Vermicompost Process and Health Status of Eisenia fetida
José A. Sáez, Angie M. Pedraza Torres,
Zbigniew Emil Blesa Marco,
Francisco Javier Andreu-Rodríguez, Frutos C. Marhuenda-Egea, Encarnación Martínez-Sabater, María J. López, Francisca Suarez-Estrella, Raúl Moral
Article LINK
2 Innovative Biotic Symbiosis for Plastic Biodegradation
to Solve their End-of-Life Challenges in the Agriculture and Food Industries
Patrizia Cinelli, Niccoletta Barbani, Sara Filippi, Giovanna Strangis, Marco Sandroni, Antonio Pratelli, Maria J Lopez,
Pablo Barranco, Tomas Cabello, Patricia Castillo, Marie Aline Pierrard, Maurizia Seggiani
Article LINK
Jesús Salinas Nieto, María R Martínez-Gallardo, Victor Carpena,
María J Estrella-González, Ana Toribio, Francisca Suárez-Estrella, Macarena M. Jurado, Juan Antonio López-González, Maria J López.
Conference paper LINK
4 Development of plastic-degrading
microbial consortia by induced selection in microcosms
Jesús Salinas, Víctor Carpena, María R. Martínez-Gallardo, Martín Segado, María J. Estrella-González, Ana J. Toribio, Macarena M. Jurado, Juan A. López-González, Francisca Suárez-Estrella and María J. López Article LINK
5 VALORIZACIÓN BIOTECNOLÓGICA DE RESIDUOS CON PLÁSTICOS: PROYECTO BBI JU H2020 RECOVER Maria J López, Francisca Suárez-Estrella, Macarena M. Jurado, Juan Antonio López-González, Pablo Barranco Tomas Cabello, José Antonio Sáez Tovar, Raúl Moral Patrizia Cinelli Conference paper LINK
7 Effect of agricultural microplastic and mesoplastic in the vermicomposting process:  Response of Eisenia fetida and quality of the vermicomposts obtained Z.E. Blesa Marco a, J.A. Sáez a,
A.M. Pedraza Torres b,
E. Martínez Sabater a, L. Orden a c, F.J. Andreu-Rodríguez a, M.A. Bustamante a, F.C. Marhuenda-Egea d, M.J. López e, F. Suárez-Estrella e, R. Moral a
Article LINK
8 Characterization and Treatment of Non-Recyclable Plastics Fraction in Municipal Solid Waste Streams:
Biotechnological Approach to Address the Low Plastic Recycling Share
M.J. Lopez, ;
M.-A. Pierrard, Arlon, R. Moral; J. Andreu; P. Barranco; T. Cabello, V. Olmos; N. Palombo Blascetta; N. Barbani;R. Turri; P. Cinelli,
Conference paper LINK
9 Effects of the agricultural plastic waste presence (LDPE, LLDPE, PET and PS) in vermicomposting process inoculated with polymer degrading microorganisms Jose Antonio Saez, Zbigniew Emil Blesa Marco, Jesus Salinas, Encarnacion Martínez Sabater , Luciano Orden, Francisco Javier Andreu-Rodriguez, Victor Carpena, María Angeles Bustamante, María J. Lopez, Raul Moral Conference paper LINK
10 Development of novel biotech procedure to promote plastic degradation in soil by means Lumbricus tererstris action Zbigniew Emil Blesa Marco, Jose Antonio Saez Tovar, Jesus Salinas, Encarnacion Martinez Sabater, Luciano Orden , Francisco Javier Andreu-Rodriguez, Victor Carpena , Maria Angeles Bustamante, Maria J. Lopez, Raul Moral Conference paper LINK
11 Pre-compatibility test at lab scale of soil-dwelling earthworms (L. terrestris)  and microbial consortiums with polymer degrading and probiotics capabilities (PMC) José A. Sáez, Zbigniew Emil Blesa Marco, Jesús Salinas, Encarnación Martínez Sabater, F.J. Andreu-Rodríguez,Victor Carpena, María Ángeles Bustamante, María J. López Raúl Moral Conference paper LINK
12 Potential adverse effect of different types of Polyethylene-based plastics (LDPE, LLDPE, hLDPE) presence during the vermicomposting process of agricultural waste Blesa Marco, Z.E., Pérez-Murcia, M.D., Sáez, J.A., Orden,L., Bustamante, M.A., López, M.J. Moral, R. Scientific Poster LINK
13 Screening and selection of microbial consortia
for agri-food plastic wastes degradation
Salinas, J., Martínez-Gallardo, M.R., Carpena, V., Estrella-González, M.J., Toribio, A. J., Suárez-Estrella, F., Jurado, M.M., López-González, J.A., López, M.J. Scientific Poster LINK
14 RECOVER overview: Development of innovative biotic symbiosis for plastic biodegradation and synthesis to solve their end of life challenges in the agriculture and food industries Maria J Lopez, Macarena Jurado, Raul Moral, Steven Verstichel, Marie-Aline Pierrard, Patrizia Cinelli Conference paper LINK
15 Investigating the biodegradation potential of plastic by the microbiota in the digestive tracts of Galleria mellonella and Tenebrio molitor Jesús Salinas, Victor Carpena, R. Lerma-Moliz, Maria R. MartinezGallardo, Ana J. Toribio, M.J. Estrella González, Patricia Castillo, Macarena M. Jurado, Juan A. López Gonzalez, Pablo Barranco, Tomas Cabello, Francisca Suárez, Maria J. López Conference paper LINK
16 Unraveling the degradative potential of plastics from a specialized bacterial consortium Martin Segado, Maria J. Estrella-Gonzalez, Macarena M. Jurado, Jesus Salinas, Victor Carpena-Istan, Ana J. Toribio, Maria R. Martinez-Gallardo, Juan A. Lopez-Gonzalez, Raul Jimenez, Rosario Lerma-Moliz, Francisca Suarez-Estrella, Maria J. Lopez Scientific Poster LINK
17 Plastic-degrading microbial consortia:
versatility study and design
Silvia Cabello, Jesús Salinas, Victor Carpena, Macarena Jurado, Juan A. López-González, F. Suárez Estrella, Maria R. Martínez-Gallardo, Maria J. Estrella-González, Ana J Toribio-Gallardo, Sophie Howard, Ronan McCarthy, Maria J. López Scientific Poster LINK
18 Follow-up and monitoring microbial inoculants applied
in combination with Lumbricus terrestris as a tool for the bioremediation of plastics
Macarena M. Jurado, Victor Carpena-Istan, Jesus Salinas-Nieto, Maria R. Martinez-Gallardo, Ana J. Toribio, Juan A. Lopez-Gonzalez, Maria J. Estrella Gonzalez, Francisca Suarez-Estrella, Jose Saez, Raul Moral, Maria J. Lopez Scientific Poster LINK
19 Screening and selection of microorganisms
for oil-based plastics biodegradation
J. Salinas, M.R. Martνnez-Gallardo, J.A. Lσpez-Gonzαlez, M.M. Jurado, F. Suαrez-Estrella, M.J. Lopez Conference paper LINK
20 The power of synergistic interactions
between organisms for plastic recycling and degradation
Maria J Lopez, Jesus Salinas, Victor Carpena, Patricia Castillo, Pablo Barranco, Jose A. Saez, Raul Moral, Patrizia Cinelli Conference paper LINK


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