Participation of the RECOVER Project in Biopol 2024

The RECOVER project will be one of the main participants in the Biopol 2024 event, which will take place from 22nd to 24th July in Coimbra, Portugal. This event is a key meeting point for researchers and professionals interested in biopolymerisation and sustainability in the plastics industry.

 Presentation of the RECOVER Project

During the event, the RECOVER project team will present its research entitled “ Agro-food by products valorization in active coatings on plastic and cellulose substrates”. 

The presentation will address the activities and results of the RECOVER project, highlighting the use of chitosan and chitosan nanofibrils (Chn) as coatings on cellulose and plastic substrates. These coatings are intended to improve the barrier against oxygen and provide antimicrobial activity. An innovative source of chitosan is the exoskeleton of insects, a sustainable alternative to traditional sources such as crustaceans.

 Insect farming is an emerging activity that not only focuses on protein production for animal feed, but also on the potential degradation of plastics in soil. This approach is part of the RECOVER project  which investigates the biodegradation and synthesis of plastics to solve end-of-life challenges in the agricultural and food industries.

 Results and Discussion

 Chitosan and chitosan coatings from both crustaceans and insects were applied at laboratory and pilot scale on cellulose substrates and compostable plastic food contact films (PBS/PHBV-based) and mulch films (PBAT/starch-based). The studies showed that the morphological, thermal, mechanical and barrier properties were compatible with the planned applications in packaging and cushioning. These films were validated respectively on perishable foods (chicken breasts) and in open field.


 Chitosan and Chn coatings proved to be efficient as active packaging on easily perishable foods, such as chicken breasts, and as mulches in the field for weed and pest control.

 For more details on Biopol 2024, you can visit Biopol 2024 (

 Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about advances in sustainability and biopolymers at Biopol 2024!

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