­čî▒International Agrotech­čî▒ Day

On 21 March, the international Agrotech conference was held on the theme of sustainability and innovation to generate exchanges between companies, institutions and farm owners.

Large farms and the agricultural sector in general need to rethink their production models and innovate to meet the objectives of sustainable development.

The international marketplace for sustainability and innovation, Connect Clean, in collaboration with Cajamar and the Franco-Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, organised a day of exchanges on the agriculture of the future in Valencia on 21 March.

The meeting focused on five themes: ABC of sustainability, waste treatment and circular economy, digitalisation of the agri-food sector, agriculture and food of the future and biodiversity and optimisation of natural resources.

The day consisted of conferences, exchanges of ideas, networking, etc., with the aim of connecting companies and institutions from Spain, France and England with farm owners, cooperatives, start-ups, major accounts, specialised food distributors, processors, clusters, universities, institutions, etc.

A large number of French companies attended the meeting with the aim of looking for researchers interested in fertilisers derived from insects and earthworms that are already available on the market. During the meeting, the importance of having a low-cost and biotechnological tool that also potentially allows the elimination of plastics in different sectors was highlighted.

Raul Moral, professor at Miguel Hernandez University, partner of the Recover project participated in the Round Table: waste treatment and circular economy.

The Maine, outlets Of Recover Project Was presented specifically linked To brand new bioFertilizers and Plastic biodegradation cascades

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