Preparation of protocol for earthworms for Plastics biodegradation and transformation

On 12th and 13th May a technical meeting was held in Montecassiano – Macerata – Italy, at Hotel Enzo and Nutrisect’s facilities, to review the draft protocol for earthworms (soil and vermicompost), upscaling protocol for compost as well as to define the feasibility of these protocols and commercialisation potential.

In the meeting the two mass rearing lines for each species (Tenebrio molitor and Ephestia) were discussed, specifying the disposition of the box in data such as density, plastic material,… as well as the chronology of the scale production, the ideal environmental conditions to develop the experiment…

Also discussed were the sieving of small larvae at the beginning of production, cannibalism, removal of dead larvae, poor larval growth and lack of nutrients and commercial formulations of fortified insects.

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