Workshop – Biobased materials research: advances from ECOFUNCO and BIONTOP European projects


On June 16, professor Maria J. Lopez, Project Coordinator of the RECOVER will take part, as member of the Advisory board of ECOFUNCO, at the workshop ‘Bio-based materials research: advances from ECOFUNCO and BIONTOP European projects’.

She will give an overview of RECOVER with some advances on the work performed so far, explaining the expected impacts: establish a new circular cross-sectorial interconnection (waste management& biotechnology) and strengthen existing interconnections  (bioplastic/agriculture & agri-food); create three new bio-based value chains (link standard plastics with insects/microorganisms and enzymes providers) and  remodel existing petrochemical-derived value chains (biofertilizers, agricultural bio-films and food packaging); and validate new and improved processing technology. Scale up approach.

The workshop will be held online, from 9.30 to 18, and it is free of charge.

Read more about the workshop and the registration here 

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