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Food technology & nutrition is the core part of the education programme and the applied research in the faculty of Life Sciences of Albstadt-Sigmaringen University. Its activities belong to food product & process innovation (e.g. research projects in optimisation of food processing, functional & nutritional properties of food and food packaging) and production of cosmetic products with botanical extracts. Business innovation modelling is also a central part in the faculty of Business Science & Management of ASU. Advanced materials are the core research and teaching field for the faculty of Engineering. ASU is a project partner in the field of safeguarding food quality & sustainable food packaging and in the field of developing new business models. It aims to expose students & scientific staff to real world problems in an EU-scale, thus enabling them to interact with other skilled actors in an international environment.

Main Task

ASU will support in WP1 where they will irradiate AWP via electron beam (eBeam) as abiotic APW degradation pretreatment to initiate chain scission. ASU will also support in WP5, where they will establish a more sustainable method to extract chitin from insects. This method will be based on eBeam irradiation. Within the same WP, they will evaluate coated specimen concerning optical properties and surface energy in terms of contact angle measurements as well as water steam permeability and permeability against O2. Also in WP5, ASU will modify chitosan coated materials to enhance barrier, mechanical and anti-microbial performances for food packaging materials. Furthermore, ASU will characterize chitin/chitosan by-products and will use them to improve mulch materials for optimized conditions such as temperature and O2/CO2/H2O contents considering soil respiration. The chosen chitin extraction residues will be applied to existing mulching films by coating and/or by compounding to mulching film polymers closing the loop within the RECOVER approach.

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