S.A. Agricultores de la Vega de Valencia (SAV) - Spain

SAV is a large company founded in 1900, which conducts its activity in the environmental sector, from Gardening, agriculture, preservation of natural parks, logistic, street cleaning, and integral waste management to water treatment plant maintenance. Nowadays SAV has decided to diversify its activities by expanding into bioproducts markets.
SAV has been collecting urban waste for more than 100 years. Its experience is more than a guarantee regarding the innovation in waste life cycle. The company provides environmental services in more than 80 municipalities across the country of Spain in strict collaboration with the local government.
SAV has operated since 1900 in “l’horta de ValËncia” and has several owned agricultural fields such as vegetables, vineyards and olive trees. Also SAV belongs to the cooperative agricultural of Montserrat with the partner number 575 and is in charge of the collection of meat and vegetable remains in Valencia Central market and in numerous supermarkets. SAV regularly collaborates on activities which aim to promote local food and reduce food waste. SAV has different lands and crops to use as AgroLabs (dry farming and irrigation) located in the provinces of Alicante and Valencia (Spain).
Another of SAV activities is the management, protection and maintenance of natural parks. SAV has 30 years of experience guarantees the work of landscape services, work such as the design, execution and maintenance of green areas, parks and gardens, all under the strict criteria of quality and environmental sustainability.
Being the first European organization to have their activities in gardening certified in the Water Footprint. Our company has the most modern plant of sorting household in Valencia. This plant currently processes 264Tm daily. From the waste processed, only around a third goes to the landfill. The rest is separated between organic and byproducts (around 15%) from this almost half of it is plastic. This number is subjected to change since the plant is going to receive waste from other municipalities.
In the field of water treatment, SAV manages the purification and treatment of wastewater in more than 200 wastewater treatment plants. The population served is more than 8 million equivalent inhabitants and the volume of treated water reaches 640 cubic hectometers per year. SAV is a member of the European Water Platform.
Regarding technological solutions, SAV has a software development team and has always tried to be an early adopter of innovative technology. In this contest, for example within the field of the logistics, CO2 emissions have been reduced by 12% through the use of sensors in the fleet of vehicles that helped to operate with efficient driving (national project winner of the 2019 sustainable city awards) and is developing an optimal route system that will be use in the cities of Utrecht (Netherlands) and Alba iulia (Romania) within a European project. Besides a smart City platform has been developed by SAV as integral parts of the H2020 project Plasticircle (No 730292) and is currently working on an massive Internet of Things (IOT) platform for use in different activities. SAV has expertise in project coordination in this way at the present is the coordinator of the proposal WaysTUP! Value chains for disruptive transformation of urban biowaste into biobased products in the city context (818308).
The department of R&D and European projects is formed by a multidisciplinary team of doctors in science and engineering as well as technical experts in ICT, circular economy, agriculture, food, water purification and many other disciplines. Our team works actively managing environmental projects and developing project proposals through the H2020 instrument, and is certified in the project management methodology Prince2(r) and Agile – Scrum.

Main Task

SAV will support with information on plastic use in agriculture (WP1) and in soil bioremediation experiments (WP4), will make the validation of the mulching films and the fertilisers from the project (WP5) not only in agricultural production in rural BBI-2019-SO2-R3 887648- RECOVER – fields but also in city parks. SAV is responsible for the maintenance of urban gardens in several cities of the Valencian region.
Finally, SAV will contribute with data for safety, risk and sustainability analysis as well as with the project dissemination and management.

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