Organic Waste Systems (OWS) - Belgium

Organic Waste Systems (OWS) is a stock company under Belgian law, constituted in 1988. The company is mainly active in following areas: the area of engineering, construction and operation of composting and biogasification plants, the area of biodegradation and composting laboratory testing, the area of waste management consulting services and environmental sustainability assessment. OWS developed the anaerobic Dranco-process to treat several waste streams. The OWS laboratory is fully equipped to perform the necessary tests and analyses to simulate and manage a digestion process.
Moreover OWS has a longstanding experience in the field of compostability testing and biodegradation in all kind of environments (compost, soil, anaerobic, freshwater and marine conditions). OWS has tested more than 3000 products in this field for more than 800 different clients. The lab is recognized as testing lab on compostability and biodegradation by all certification institutes worldwide (T‹V AUSTRIA Belgium, Din Certco, BPI, ABA,…). OWS was, and still is, actively involved in the development of test procedures (and international standards) to evaluate the biodegradation of materials under different environments (compost, soil, anaerobic, water, marine). OWS is involved in various standardisation committees and standardisation projects: ISO TC61/SC5/WG22 – Biodegradable Plastics (Off. Belgian delegate); CEN TC261/SC4/WG2 :
Packaging-Organic Recovery (Off. Belgian delegate); CEN TC249/WG9: Plastics – Degradability (Off. Belgian delegate);
ASTM D 20.96 Degradable Plastics; E 47.06 Chemical Fate; D 10 Packaging; D 34 Waste Management. Moreover OWS has an experienced staff performing life cycle assessment with technical knowledge of production chains in the chemical, plastic, food and energy industry, in the transport sector and in the field of waste treatment.

Main Task

OWS is WP leader of WP4 and involved in the development of the biodegradation processes and upscaling. OWS will examine the effectiveness of the process on the biodegradation of plastic waste. Moreover OWS will perform the LCA and check biodegradation of chitosan and chitin formulations.

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