Nutrinsect is a biotech company with headquarters both in Italy and Spain specialized in alternative protein and nutrients production by breeding and industrial insect transformation. Nutrinsect provides a sustainable solution to address the organic waste increasing production and nutrient deficiency. We use insects as the food waste bio-transformers. Through organic waste disposal and treatment, we obtain natural fertilizer rich in nutrients ideals to biological culture and insects’ protein used such as nutrient source for animal feed.
As innovative aspects we highlight: 1. Vertical breeding, maximizing space / land 2-Feeding by organic waste 3-High conversion rate, which allows to obtain large productions in short periods of time (between 14 days and 2 months) 4-Reduced environmental impact, (livestock Traditional is responsible for 16% of greenhouse gases, compared to 3% of insects) 5-
Comprehensive use, 100% of the insect is edible (no other livestock is used 100%) and greater digestibility 6-Circular Economy, enhancing zero waste. One of the main costs in obtaining current proteins (raising livestock and fish for animal protein, or cultivating land for vegetable protein), is the feeding of livestock and the use of natural resources such as water. Insects feed on organic waste and their growth is exponential (unlike livestock and crops), which favours the reduction of costs and obtaining the product in less time. Faced with the instability of the prices of vegetable proteins (usually commodities) and the problem of supply (70% of soybeans are imported) we offer agreed price / deliveries because we do not depend on weather conditions or crop losses. The main suppliers for the operation of our activity are producers of vegetable waste, as they are the food of insects, and whose feeding will influence the quality of our final product. We have to take into account that the waste must be clean of possible pesticides, with what the ideal supplier are food industries that have done some type of treatment such as canning, freezing, and waste treatment plants, since they have washed, scalded etc, that have contributed to eliminate any type of insecticides applied at source. In addition, some of these suppliers can become customers of both our main product (protein meal) and other products obtained in the transformation process, such as organic fertilizer.

Main Task

To follow the circular economy policy Nutrinsect will support the project for the agricultural plastics biodegradation by insect breeding (mainly T. molitor) on an industrial scale. Finally, they will contribute to the project dissemination and plan exploitation of their results.

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