IDELUX Environnement - Belgium

The group IDELUX is made of five inter-municipals, respectively named “IDELUX DÈveloppement, IDELUX Environnement, IDELUX Eau, IDELUX Finances and IDELUX Projets publics”.
Their common mission is to improve the well-being of the populations of their territories of action. The Group exercises two big jobs related to the prospect of the sustainable development: the economic development and the management of the environment. As a major concern, the assistance to the municipalities is also a big part of the work performed. IDELUX Environnement is responsible for the waste treatment from their collection to their valuation.
IDELUX Environnement is managing household waste within the Luxembourg province of Belgium (4400 km≤ and about 340.000 inhabitants). In total, 55 municipalities entrust to IDELUX Environnement the management of their waste. This mission of public service is essential for the municipalities, but also for the citizens. In addition to the collection door to door or in the civil amenities, IDELUX Environnement operates three waste treatment centres including an anaerobic digester, a substitution fuel preparation unit, different paving stones of composting, two halls of sorting for recycling waste, a recycling of inert waste unit, two wastewater treatment plants, a sludge drying unit, a platform of sorting the deck for agricultural covers and finally when no other options remain, the waste landfill facilities. IDELUX Environnement has experience with several types of waste streams.
IDELUX Environnement is aware of plastics ending in the compost made of municipal waste due to sorting mistakes made by the citizen. As an industrial partner specialized in the waste treatment, the new technology that will be developed through the RECOVER project is of great interest. This will help the actual mechanical sorting and reduce the plastics ending in the environment despite all our efforts. Our public company makes a perfect showcase of the plastics end-of-life issue and will considerably contribute to the life cycle assessment or the business case analysis. Therefore,
IDELUX Environnement will be helpful for organic waste, digestate, sludge or other biomass supplies. IDELUX Environnement will share its knowledge and properties in the biowaste flow as well as the operation of the composting facility

Main Task

IDELUX Environnement will lead the WP1 for the characterization, selection and collection of the most representative agri-food plastic waste. IDELUX Environnement will continuously provide biowaste samples to all the other partners but more importantly, IDELUX Environnement will participate in WP4 to the elaboration of some pilot tests of the new technology.
IDELUX Environnement will help to improve the new vermicompost reactor development. For the WP6, IDELUX Environnement will contribute to analyse the RECOVER developed technology for both agricultural and municipal use scenarios and will indicate the logistic viability of the proposed solutions. Furthermore, IDELUX Environnement will provide plant operating data to perform the LCA (WP6). IDELUX Environnement will also contribute for communication and
dissemination tasks (WP7). The idea is to stimulate a direct public engagement from the citizens and the local policy makers about plastic sorting mistakes.

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