ASA Special Enzymes GmbH - Germany

The business activities of ASA Spezialenzyme GmbH are the development and production of enzymes, microbial mixed cultures and other biotechnological product, which range covers the fields of application food and feed processing, bioenergy (bioethanol, biogas), organic synthesis, analytics, biosensors, textile industry and paper industry.
Since the foundation in the year 1991 several research projects were carried out in the area of enzymatic degradation of renewable raw materials resulting in new cellulase and hemicellulase products for the utilization in the production of biodiesel, bioethanol and biogas. Furthermore ASA was engaged in several r&d-projects dealing with the conversion of organic waste materials (e.g. lignocellulytic material as grain stillage), whereby ASA developed several new cellulases, hemicellulases, pectinases etc. Moreover within the scope of a r&d-project ASA developed hydrolases degradation of bioplastic material, which might be useful for the RECOVER project.

Main Task

Involvement in WP2 and 3 for the selection and upscaling of enzymes for AWP degradation as well as for exploitation planning of the same in WP7.

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